Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Appraisement Update

The appraisement for Insurance purposes of this early 19th century Lover's Knot or Valentine is complete and I've received an Affadavit Copy to that end, from Freeman's (America's Oldest Auction House) in Philadelphia, to that end from Lynda A. Cain, Appraiser.

The document states that the fixed value by her in the appraisement is the fair market values for replacement purposes, taking into consideration wear, tear and depreciation, to the best of her knowledge, information and belief, as follows:

American School, 19th Century
A Lover's Knot or Valentine for Mary Fisher
Bedford County, Pennsylvania,
signed and dated "Hugh Pugh, 1801"
watercolor and ink on laid paper,
12-3/4 inches square, framed.


Note: Correspondence and accompanying
genealogy and publications.

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