Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Smartest Man in the World reads Hugh Pugh aloud on his Podcast

A couple of Thursdays back on a late February evening my devoted, tolerant husband Frank accompanied me to one of my many fetishized podcast live events at Helium Comedy Club in Philly. This one, "The Smartest Man in the World" is the podcast presented by comedian and raconteur par excellence, Greg Proops. 

As we are almost exact contemporaries, Proops being just a couple years younger than yours truly, I find most of his material completely relatable. Lots of current events and commentary along with his insights relying on his breadth of knowledge of literature, history, music, sports and visual art. And he's funny, of course.

Here's the link to his site, which includes the link to the podcast we attended:

And an exact link to the show in particular, which was entitled "Flyers" (a nod also to Philly and our local hockey team):

Check out this cool episode: 

All this to get to the point as it relates to the Lover's Knot:  

Fans of Greg's podcasts know that before every show he literally walks through the audience and shakes every person's hand or sometimes, as was the case at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn last year, he greets everyone at the door as they enter!

Many people take this opportunity to grace Greg with personal gifts of art, music, books, sports memorabilia, or even "substances", so to speak. Thus, I brought along the small piece of stationery I designed featuring the Lover's Knot artwork and some of the extracted poetry to give Greg that evening. 

To my great pleasure, he read the first few lines of Hugh Pugh's Lover's Knot aloud to the live audience at the beginning of the show (when he acknowledges these gifts from his adoring fans) and it can be heard on the recorded podcast at about minute 6:10 in. 

So, a small thrill, to have one of my favorite entertainers speak the words to his listening audience that Hugh recorded with quill and ink for posterity in December of 1801.

I'm looking forward to the publication this Spring of Greg's first book: The Smartest Book in the World. (Of course!)

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